Colorado Preview: The Wold Family

Let me just start with the disclaimer:  There are too many image posted here.  That's just what happens when a fabulous (and good-looking!) family picks a fabulous (and good-looking!) location.  

The Chautauqua Trailhead in Boulder was the PERFECT spot for some of my favorite clients, the Wold family.  It had a gorgeous view of the flatirons, grassy fields, wooden fences and steps, gardens galore and plenty of fun spaces for Abby and Matt to explore.  The weather was amazing - a storm rolled in just as we were finishing up, providing some beautiful cloudy skies.  

Wold family, I'm so glad that when you left AZ you moved to a place I visit frequently!  
Enjoy your (too many) previews!

And because EVERY good family session has some kind of reward waiting at the end...