Memphis Memories: A Series of Sneak Peeks

Ah, Memphis.  Layers of old textures, rich colors and a deeply rooted musical history that leaps off every street corner.  It was a gorgeous place for my latest string of photo sessions, even if a cold front beat me there by mere hours.  The (ridiculous) temperatures didn't keep us from having fun with each and every client and, if anything, just added to the "memorable-ness" of it all!  

Full previews for each session are coming soon... but I just couldn't wait to share a sneak peek for each of the sessions!  


The Culbreaths... Evidence that red shoes make any baby bump that much more fabulous!

The Ewings... The first Memphis kiddos to absolutely steal my heart.  
As in, I wanted to take them home with me.  

The Talbotts... Strong Southern accents only make these sisters even more adorable.  It's kind of unfair.

The Chus... Beautiful, strong, loving, spontaneous... Everything a family should be, and more. 

The Fultons... A quick mini-session that left me smiling.  I just love their family dynamic.

The McMahons... The more generations, the better!  We made fall foliage look GOOD.  

The Corbitts... Need I say more?  
A ridiculous amount of cuteness was running around Memphis that morning.   

The Griffins... Some of the most caring, generous and gentle people you'll ever meet.  Promise.

The Shaws... I love (love, love, love) the way they love each other.  It's inspiring.  

The Averwaters... Proof that persimmon is very fashionable.  
Also proof that a young child's initial not-so-sure-about-this mood does not mean he won't end up having an absolute ball by the end of the session! 

 Thank you to each and every client for a wonderful trip full of laughter, 
memories and just a little bit of frostbite!