Portland Paradise (Part 1)

Let's be honest:  Most weddings don't begin with a school bus.  (Or include totally inappropriate donuts, custom-brewed beer, a 5K, two waterfalls, stitches on the bride, pool tables, a group hike, a dalmation statue or old fire houses... but let's not get ahead of ourselves.)

This Portland wedding was as beautiful, quirky and fabulous as the newlyweds themselves (who had actually gotten married weeks earlier on a Swiss glacier.  That should tell you something.)  The out of town guests were treated to the "best of Portland" over three days of experience-the-city type festivities.  There's just no way around it, there is just WAY too much goodness for one blog post.  Consequently, I now present a first for Carrie Fay Photography:  

A Wedding in Three Acts.  

Act One:  Bus tour.  Voodoo donuts.  No less than two waterfalls.  
Hiking.  Beer drinking.  Pizza eating.  Multnomah falls.  General merriment.