Meet Mr. Colton

Meet Mr. Colton... a chill little man with a flair for the dramatic:  He debuted into the world weeks earlier than expected, and caused quite a fuss!  Janell's water broke just hours after our maternity photo shoot (whew!) and Colton ended up in the hospital for a while.  Technically, he is weeks old in these photos, much older than I'd recommend for a newborn session.  However, he is still less than 40 weeks, gestationally speaking, so he behaved like a two day old (and in photography world, this is a GREAT thing!).  Little man slept like a dream for us, entertained us with fabulous little faces, and put up with the crazy temps outside like a champ.  

Enjoy these previews, Janell and Chris, and give that little man a hug from me!