Evie + Phil: Still Newleyweds!

Downtown Phoenix is slowly winning me over.  The more I look, the more I find camera-worthy textures and colors.  This was the first time I had photographed a bride and a groom downtown, and let me tell you, everything looks better with a wedding dress in front of it.  

Evie and Phil ended up not loving their original wedding photos (done for free, by a friend), so before too much time passed, they booked a session with me to capture them in their wedding regalia, still as newleyweds.  At first it sounded a bit strange, but after this session I have decided:  Evie and Phil are are geniuses.  

This whole "do the fun wedding portraits after the big event is done" thing is amazing.  I wish WE had done it for our wedding.  You have more time.  You are relaxed.  You aren't so worried about getting the dress dirty.  You have the ability to do a bunch of different looks/feels/locations without worrying about boring your waiting guests.  

Anyway.  I loved every single thing about this session.  From the cowboy boots to the purple wall (score!) to the new nooks and crannies we discovered.  Enjoy your previews, Evie & Phil!