Preview: The Fourth Curtis

There aren't really any rules for when a photo should be color or when it should be monochromatic, but you just kind of know when it's right either way.  As you can tell from the above photo, we suffered no lack of color at the most recent newborn session - pink flowers and zebra prints abounded.  But somehow in spite of all that color, this preview just feels right in black and white.  
Classic.  Sophisticated and real.  

And as is the case with every baby #2, this session was just as much about the older sibling as it was the new addition.  I love the transitions families (and kiddos) go through as they gently redefine themselves each step of the way.  And (I know I'm a broken record on this point) but it truly is an honor to be allowed this brief window into such a tender time.  

Enjoy your previews, Curtis family... I promise you'll have plenty of color shots, too!