Chicago: Friends Like These

This is the story of four fabulous friends, on a fabulous weekend adventure in a fabulous city.  (The levels of fabulousness were slightly out of control.)  And if you're looking for photos of the city, that's in another spot.  

Because this isn't that story.  

This is the story of friendship that runs so deep, it is seemingly untouchable by the world.  No amount of physical distance, busy careers, minivans and kids, or new adventures can suppress this connection.

This is the story of four women who realize that you are never too grown up, too professional, or too old to be ridiculous.  In fact, we revel in our ridiculousness.

This is the story of a common understanding that sometimes all a girl needs is a new pair of shoes, some really good sushi, and some good old fashioned girl time.  (Including but not limited to giggling, back rubs, copious amounts of beauty products, coffee drinking, story-telling, singing, snorting, hugging, skipping, dancing, teasing, crying and riotous laughter.)  

This is the story of the kind of friends every girl needs.  I'm so grateful that these girls are mine.