Wedding Preview: Kendal & Chris

I have grown quite fond of Detroit over the past few years, as I have had the opportunity to shoot weddings for different couples in the same general social sphere.  This time (it was my fourth Detroit wedding!) felt like I was visiting friends, not clients.  Kendal and Chris were perfect hosts, not only to me, but to every single person involved in their celebration.  The resulting community was warm, open and a perfect reflection of the kind of humans Kendal and Chris are.  

The venue was one of my favorite venues ever: the historic Jam Handy, complete with a roaming alley cat (that the DJ ended up adopting).  The artistic details were impeccable, the colors were vibrant, the cakes were tiny and pink, and the emotion was genuine.

I truly loved every single thing about being involved in this day!  Thank you, Kendal and Chris, and I sincerely hope these previews help you re-live the celebration once again.