Preview: Dabney Family

Moment of photographer truth:  Generally speaking, 2-year-olds aren't always the easiest to work with.  While fun and rewarding, they are also typically unpredictable, moody and exhausting to photograph.

Not THIS 2-year-old.

Brayden hopped out of his car seat, trotted over to me and said, "You take pictures today?  Okay!" and immediately began showing me exactly what to photograph.  (Tires... shoes... tires... more shoes...)

He displayed at least a thousand (hilarious) facial expressions, ate his body weight in raisins and braved colder-than-usual temperatures for our morning session.  And his mom later told me that on the drive home he announced, "I had a good day."

So did I, buddy.  So did I.

Lisa, Sam & Brayden... enjoy your previews!


 And JUST in case you hadn't already figured out that this family has a fabulous sense of humor...