Texas: Childhood Is Calling

Texas.  The Lone Star State.  The place of my birth.  The place of my (very) early years.  The place of countless summer memories with my little sister.  The place of my short-lived foray into the world of square dancing.  

I have long been a proud "original" Texan. I vaguely remember a year or two in elementary school believing that Texas should have just seceded in 1845 when it had the chance.  Young and impressionable, I tell you.  I have never desired to live there permanently (largely because when they say "Everything is bigger in Texas!" they are referring to the size of cockroaches) but it has become a priceless retreat and family vacation location.  

Now, my children and my sister's children have the chance to make their own summer memories and it's no small delight to witness.  During our annual week together this past summer, I brought the camera along and documented some of my favorite tidbits of our family's farm.  I have lots of other snapshots of happy faces... and I'll share those later.  Elsewhere.  

The point of this post is just to share a few of the hidden and not-so-hidden views that make this sacred spot so beautiful to me.  The farm has a unique combination of warmth and isolation and it's somewhere in the middle of these two extremes that a new kind of beauty is born.  Enjoy...!