Hello Blog, It's June

Today is June 24th and the iPhone 4 just came out. (In related news, my husband actually camped out at the mall last night to get ours first... and he is sound asleep now at 4pm.)

I know this posting SAYS March, but it's really June. I'm a little late getting into this whole photography blog scene, so I thought I'd back up a few months and post a few recent sessions as samples. Try this thing on for size.

I have been a hobby photographer for years, and up until now, my work could only be seen on my flickr page. I love flickr, but I have outgrown it... time for a real website (!!) and a real photo blog. (And a real mountain of legal business paperwork, but that's a different story.)

So! To see anything prior to March 2010, check out flickr. For anything more recent, just bookmark this blog! Peace out.