Preview: The Berry Twins!

From a family of two to a family of four - just like that.  It's amazing how much these twin boys are already loved and adored!  The amount of "doting" that happened was out of control... in the best way possible.  I love these people - the big ones and the little ones.

Berry family - enjoy your previews!



Preview: Angela, Warren, Liam + BABY!

These three.  Always braving random Portland locations... in the cold... early in the morning.  And yet always making it look SO STINKING GOOD.  I just love their laughter-filled dynamic and they keep ME laughing the whole session.  I loved Liam's sweet interactions with his new sister/brother-to-be and (of course) his best fighting moves.  

(Side note: Mini sessions are wonderful at times, but full sessions like this one are fabulous for most families because "Ms Carrie, let me show you my moves!" doesn't normally happen until closer to the 45 minutes mark...)

Wolf family - enjoy!!