Preview: Schone Family

Some families are just more and more fun to work with each passing year.  The Schone's annual session is always a highlight for me. Cristen styles the family impeccably and they always fine a unique location - the Estrella star gazing tower was a completely unexpected yet perfect spot for us this year. Savannah and Sawyer are playful and open, and when a family adores each other this much, capturing their relationships is a cinch and a delight.

Schone family, enjoy your previews!



Preview: Wiens Mini Session at Scorpion Gulch

Sometimes it's fun to do a "kids only!" mini session, usually for the purpose of Christmas cards.  But just be warned:  I will convince the accompanying parent to be in at LEAST one photo.  Because in ten/twenty/however many years, your kids will be grateful.  Not that you won't be around.  Just because they'll want to see you when you were young.  Not that you won't be attractive when you're old.  Nevermind... this is getting awkward.

Wiens family, enjoy your preview!  :)